CATA invites applications for adjunct and associate research positions

The Center for Astrophysics and Applied Technologies (CATA) is seeking applications for Adjunct and Associate Researcher positions in a dynamic, international astrophysics research environment.

The Center for Astrophysics and Applied Technologies (CATA) calls for applications to join the Center as adjunct researchers. In exceptional cases, there will also be opportunities to join as associate researchers, depending on the candidate’s seniority, experience, and expected involvement.

CATA is a prominent government-funded astronomical center, incorporating faculty and students from 12 universities across six provinces. With over 50 professors, 50+ postdoctoral researchers, and 130+ graduate students, CATA offers a vibrant, dynamic, and productive international astronomical research environment.

We are open to applications from researchers across all scientific areas of astrophysics, and we particularly encourage joint applications that span multiple areas.

  1. Cosmology and Galaxy Formation: Including cosmological simulations and the study of CMB observables.
  2. Supermassive Black Holes and Energetic Phenomena: Focusing on observational studies using facilities like Vera Rubin, E-ELT, and the Cherenkov Telescope Array.
  3. Galaxies: Researching the evolution of galaxies and AGN, and their interactions with the environment.
  4. Local Universe: Exploring fundamental stellar astrophysics and galaxy formation in the nearby Universe.
  5. Star and Planet Formation: Prioritizing early science from the SDSS-V Local Volume Mapper and studies on planet-forming disks.
  6. Exoplanets & Astrobiology: Investigating the formation and evolution of planetary systems and the potential for life beyond Earth.
  7. Theoretical Astrophysics: Emphasizing simulations in star formation, astrochemistry, and magnetic fields.
  8. Astronomical Instrumentation: Focused on developing advanced radio-frequency and visible/infrared astronomical instruments, fostering international collaborations, and supporting technological advancements in astronomy.

Application Details:

  • Form Submission: Applicants should fill out the form available at https://forms.gle/Mp767TMEgciKTX2eA, including a short-form CV and a statement of interest.
  • Statement of Interest: This should focus on the applicant’s potential contributions to CATA, including specific collaboration projects with current members.
  • Deadline: Applications must be received by January 31st, 2024, at 23:59 Chilean time.
  • Notification: Decisions will be communicated in March 2024, with positions starting on April 1st, 2024.