High Performance Computing

The core of Computing and Data

CATA has a Data and Computing Core whose main objective is to support key projects, that means, surveys that will generate large amounts of data. This Core will be led by a Data Scientist and a steering committee composed of a PI from each of the Center’s research lines. This Core will organize center-wide workshops focused exclusively on computational techniques, will have strong interactions with all scientific research areas, and will collaborate closely with the National Laboratory for High Performance Computing (NLHPC) and other industry leaders, such as Microsoft, to serve Chilean astronomers as well as society at large.

The Azure cloud to carry out astronomical research

In addition to the research work and participation in large international projects of the new astronomers who are part of the Center, the new technological capabilities derived from the agreement signed with the software company Microsoft, which will provide CATA with the Azure cloud for astronomical research, will allow better use of the information generated by the powerful international telescopes that will be installed in the Atacama Desert, in northern Chile.