Communications and Outreach

CATA has a communications unit specialized in mass media management and social media outreach.

Committed to bringing astronomical knowledge to Chilean society

The Center for Excellence in Astrophysics and Associated Technologies (CATA) is committed to bringing astronomical knowledge to Chilean society, firstly by disseminating the results obtained by its scientists, and secondly by communicating and explaining the advances in astronomy made by researchers and projects in the rest of the world. This is evidenced by the fact that the press appearances of our researchers are counted by the thousands on a yearly basis.  To make this happen.

Additionally, CATA has an outreach group whose mission is to bring astronomical lectures and workshops -through online and in-person activities- to children and the general public. It has been under CATA’s wing that iconic activities have been carried out, including the 2019 Eclipse talk given by Professor José Maza at the Portada de la Serena Stadium, which gathered more than 10 thousand attendees, or the “Temporal de charlas de astronomía para niños 2021”, where more than 250 thousand online views.


CATA permanently developing alliances with different institutions

Finally, CATA continues to permanently develop cooperative alliances with municipalities, foundations, universities, media and institutions around astronomical outreach and dissemination. CATA has also developed efforts with international astronomy outreach initiatives in which the instrument for connection with the people is citizen science and collective intelligence, we refer to The Robotic Telescopes Project (GLORIA), funded by the European Union; and Galaxy Zoo in Spanish, from Oxford University, both experiences have allowed CATA to extend its visibility beyond the borders of Chile and to an increasingly large virtual community.