Assistant Researcher

Stefano Bovino

Universidad de Concepción

Theoretical Astrophysics
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Stefano Bovino's research focuses on astrochemistry and is concerned with providing state-of-the-art models that allow comparison and better interpretation of observational data, using them to perform 3D hydrodynamic simulations of different environments. He is co-developer of the KROME astrochemistry package (, a widely used public tool, for modeling chemistry and microphysics in hydrodynamic simulations.

As an astrochemist, he is involved in many different problems where microphysics could be relevant such as ISM in galaxies, the formation of high and low mass stars, and the evolution of planetary atmospheres. Stefano Bovino is also the director and manager of the CODE project: ""Cosmic dust experiment"" which aims to develop a laboratory for the study of gas-dust interaction under molecular cloud conditions (http://www.astro.udec. cl/dust_lab/index.html).