CATA Astronomer Dante Minniti joins the National Academy of Sciences of Buenos Aires

"It is a great distinction for my career and I assume the responsibility of belonging to this body."

Dante Minniti defined his recent incorporation to the prestigious National Academy of Sciences of Buenos Aires as an “honor”, thanks to his recognized contribution to international astronomy, which meant that he joined the long list of outstanding researchers who have contributed to the advancement of knowledge in various disciplines.

With a relevant academic and professional career, Dante Minniti has left a mark in the scientific field. Born in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Astronomy at the National University of Córdoba (UNC) and later obtained a PhD. in Astrophysics at the University of Arizona and PhD in Astronomy at the FaMAF (UNC).

Currently, he is a research associate at the Centro de Astrofísicas y Tecnologías Afines, a Full Professor at the Universidad Andrés Bello, and an Adjunct Scholar at the Vatican Observatory. His work as Principal Investigator of the International Megaproject “Variables Seen in the Milky Way” and his role as former President of the Local Universe Commission of the International Astronomical Union highlight his commitment to cutting-edge research in astronomy.

Outstanding trajectory

The incorporation of Dante Minniti was developed after a long process that included the submission of his background, which was thoroughly reviewed by the academicians of the different areas that make up the National Academy. After deliberation in an ordinary private session, the official body of the institution agreed to its incorporation, which was made official on April 11.

On the occasion, the background of the CATA researcher was presented by Academician Dr. Juan Carlos Forte, Head of Astronomy, where Minniti also gave the presentation “An astronomical perspective on life in the Universe”.

“I personally feel very grateful, proud and happy for this great recognition. It is an honor to belong to the National Academy of Sciences of Buenos Aires, of great historical trajectory, which contains outstanding scientists, including directors of international organizations and several Nobel Prize winners,” said Minniti.

The relationship between Chile and Argentina dates back years, and has recently gained new momentum thanks to the great technological advances in science. This is reflected in the numerous bilateral collaborations, whose cutting-edge projects have resulted in hundreds of joint scientific publications in leading journals. In addition, “there is a great exchange of students and professors, very beneficial for the scientific communities of both countries where the funds available specifically for binational collaborations are meager, but institutions such as CATA are fundamental to maintain this important activity”.

With more than 550 scientific publications, numerous doctoral and undergraduate theses directed, as well as the authorship and editing of several specialized books, he has been internationally recognized for his academic excellence. Among the awards he has received are the John Simon Guggenheim Prize in recognition of his work on stellar populations (2005) and the Scopus Prize in Physics and Astronomy (2008).

All these awards and recognitions allowed Dante Minniti to join the list of academicians and researchers who have contributed with their knowledge and experience to the National Academy of Sciences of Buenos Aires.

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