More than 100,000 views of the U. de Chile’s online astronomy lecture season

There were eight talks on spacecraft held as part of the Children's Day Weekend.

The eight free online talks organized by the Astronomy Department of the University of Chile with the support of the CATA Astrophysics Center, during the Children’s Day weekend, received 107,382 views. The presentations, which included two keynote talks, were simultaneously broadcast by more than 80 Facebook fanpages of municipalities, foundations, museums and universities, achieving an unprecedented reach.

“Our goal, with this type of activity, is to make the knowledge of the Universe available to the people. It was a great experience as we managed to reach not only children, but also their families. We are happy because the public response was very enthusiastic. We had a real gale of questions from the public that tested the knowledge of our scientists,” says Walter Max-Moerbeck, Head of Communications and Outreach of the Department of Astronomy at the University of Chile.

This third version of the Astronomy Marathon focused on the space race, starting with the old Apollo and Vostok programs, passing through the space shuttle, and reaching the new projects to return to the Moon (Project Artemis-Nasa) and the trip to Mars (Space X).

Four men astronomers and four women astronomers participated in the series, among them: José Maza, National Prize in Exact Sciences and astronomer UChile; Bernardita Ried, Master in Science mention in Physics UChile; Carolina Agurto, postdoctoral researcher UChile; Jennifer Anguita, student of Master in Science mention in Astronomy UChile, José Utreras, PhD in Astronomy UChile; Silvio Ulloa, student of Master in Science mention in Astronomy UChile; César Fuentes, Ph. D. in Astrophysics from Harvard, and academic of Astronomy UChile; and Elise Servajean, Ph.D. in Astronomy and CEO of the Center of Excellence in Astrophysics and Related Technologies.

All talks were interpreted in sign language, thanks to the support of the Fundación Más Intérpretes para Chile.